Mindfulness Monday


The Strong Minds team has had a very exciting and successful move into our new premise at 3 Little Yarra Rd, Yarra Junction in the past few weeks. We have an open night from 5-7 this evening (Monday, 18th June) that is open to the entire community for anybody who wanted to drop by to meet the team and explore our new rooms.

            Unfortunately, there has been a bit of a lapse in my blog in the past few weeks partly owning to being quite a busy time of year. It has been difficult to find the time to write a new blog, though it has given me a chance to reflect on the importance of mindfulness in our lives. Not only mindfulness though, but taking the time to look after ourselves when things get stressful, busy, or overwhelming. There are many different ways you can look after yourself including making time to spend with friends and family, exercising, engaging in activities that bring a sense of joy, relaxation, massage, music, and of course mindfulness and meditation. It is these times when we feel the most pressure – due to our often chaotic and busy lives – that making the time to look after ourselves is even more important.

When life seems to be moving at breakneck speed that is the time when we need to put the brakes on and contact the present moment. This gives you an opportunity to ground yourself and orientate your awareness to the very moment you are experiencing. It is far too easy to get caught up in all the things we need to do. Our mind becomes like an out of control time machine at times, moving back and forth from the past (ruminating on things that have already occurred) to the future (worrying about what is to come). This capacity to orientate ourselves to the past and future is helpful at times, as it allows us to reflect on the past and learn from mistakes and plan and organise for the future. However, too often we get completely caught up in the past and future and forget to focus on what is actually happening now. So, if you find that your own mind is like an out of control time machine, remember to press pause and bring your awareness back to the present moment. It might be your breath, your sensations, or even just noticing your thoughts. Whatever you choose to focus on, the point is that you connect with the here and now.

About the Author:

Toby Mizzi (Counselling Psychologist)

Toby shares his time between the Strong Minds Psychology team, Swinburne University, and his young family. He is passionate about providing individualised support, and empowering people to enhance their mental health. Toby provides counselling and therapy for children, adolescents, adults and couples – helping with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, grief & loss, and family conflict. Mindful Mondays will be a regular blog on our website and Facebook page. 

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